Episode #161-Daxson

Courtesy of Daxson & Coldharbour Recordings.
Sound Technician, Coldharbour Recordings artist, & DJ Denzo joins B.B. for a chat about producing music, DJing, Club SPACE in Miami, and a lot more! Follow on social media @DenzoMusic.  For inquiries, please email ttwithbbpod@gmail.com OFFICIAL Website: https://trendingtopicswithbbpodcast.com/ — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/trending-topics-with-bb/support
  1. #166-Denzo
  2. #165-Hey There…Again!
  3. #164-Welcome Aboard 2023!
  4. 2023-Welcome Trailer
  5. #163-Materia Blū

Schulz Music Group artist Daxson (A.K.A Dan Dobson) joins B.B. to chat about his debut artist album ‘Face the Future’ out on Coldharbour Recordings and more!  

Follow Daxson on Spotify: http://bit.ly/Daxson  

Follow Daxson on Social Media:  




For inquiries, please email ttwithbbpod@gmail.com 

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