Episode #107-Carly Remkiewicz

Carly Remkiewicz joined BB to chat about the “TV” show ‘Lucifer’ and the Salute to ‘Lucifer’ Convention in Los Angeles (#LuciCon) back in August of 2019. If you haven’t watched the series now on Netflix, please be advised of spoilers discussed during this episode. You have been warned!

Episode #106-BINGE WHAT? #3

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BB is back with another edition of BINGE WHAT? Which covers the launch of Disney+, as well as some suggestions from Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu.

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Episode #105-Soap Box #22-Electronic Dance Music Industry Overhaul

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BB returns to her #SoapBox to explain reasons why the Electronic Dance Music Industry NEEDS an OVERHAUL such as the yearly disappointment that is the results of the DJ Mag Top 100 poll

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Episode #104-NatureHacker

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NatureHacker A.K.A. M.D. returned to chat with BB about his brand, developing TEEF Products, and entrepreneurship. For more information and to order your TEEF Powder with promo code ttwithbb: https://www.teefpowder.com/

Episode #103-Charlotte

Episode #103 features Charlotte, as the chat with BB focuses on the TV show ‘Lucifer’ (now on Netflix) as well as the ‘Salute to Lucifer Convention’ (#LuciCon). All episodes can be found where ever podcasts are found such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, & Spotify.

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Trending Topics with BB started off as a “TV” show on YouTube back when Google+ was a platform utilizing Hangouts-On-Air technology. The rise of podcasts and the talk show format spearheaded the move to a podcast. This should answer your question of why the numbering does NOT equal that actual number of episodes published in podcast form.

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Welcome to the New Site!

A rather unfortunate deletion mistake lead to a decision to switch from Squarespace to WordPress. Not to mention, the previous website, while geared for the modern day podcast, needed to be updated. This is the OFFICIAL website for Trending Topics with BB podcast.

To catch you up on necessary information concerning this podcast. Trending Topics with BB is the flagship podcast of the #BBPodcastNetwork under BB Media Industries. It’s a podcast about what is trending at the time or topics related to guests or pop culture hosted by Brooke Brown.