Episode #153-NOMADsignal

Courtesy of NOMADsignal
Sound Technician, Coldharbour Recordings artist, & DJ Denzo joins B.B. for a chat about producing music, DJing, Club SPACE in Miami, and a lot more! Follow on social media @DenzoMusic.  For inquiries, please email ttwithbbpod@gmail.com OFFICIAL Website: https://trendingtopicswithbbpodcast.com/ — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/trending-topics-with-bb/support
  1. #166-Denzo
  2. #165-Hey There…Again!
  3. #164-Welcome Aboard 2023!
  4. 2023-Welcome Trailer
  5. #163-Materia Blū

Coldharbour Recordings & Schulz Music Group artist NOMADsignal (Nicholas Andrew Schwab) joins B.B. on Groove Cruise Orlando 2022 for a conversation about his athletic background as an Olympic Swimmer, studying music theory, falling in love with electronic dance music, building NOMAD City, and MORE! For more information, please visit https://nomadsignal.com/.

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For any inquiries, please email ttwithbbpod@gmail.com.

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