Episode #146-August Recap & Updates

#149-Updates & News Trending Topics with BB

New SOLO episode featuring B.B.'s updates, news, and general ramblings.   To support this #podcast, please order your custom MERCHANDISE: https://trendingtopicswithbbpodcast.com/merchandise/ For inquiries, please email ttwithbbpod@gmail.com  OFFICIAL Website: https://trendingtopicswithbbpodcast.com/ — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/trending-topics-with-bb/support
  1. #149-Updates & News
  2. #148-'Lucifer' Final Season & Lucifans
  3. #147-Micfreak
  4. #146-August Recap & Updates
  5. #145-NKOTB & BlockHeads (Part 3)

B.B. returns to talk about attending 3 concerts in August through traveling and updates for BB Media Industres (https://bbmediaindustries.com).

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